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We need Salespeople who will partner with our customers to help them achieve their goals and grow their businesses. 

Do you have initiative, an inquisitive mind, an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative vision and an obsession with making things better?  Then you're exactly the  kind of person we want to meet!

Whether working on one of our many world-class B2B shows or one of  our world-famous pop culture events, our Sales teams help customers succeed by taking a consultative approach, providing business solutions that align with each customer's priorities, needs and goals.

They also partner with internal teams to develop exciting new products, bring sponsorships to life and to maximize the value delivered to each of their customers. You can submit Your Resume to [email protected] or:

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Read stories from our Sales team:

Larry's Story

Reed welcomes and recognises innovation and thought

"I started as a Sales Executive and am now Director of ReedPOP Activate. Working for ReedPOP is about personal and professional discovery, innovation and growth as much as it is about events. I have a hard time settling for the "same old.

There is always an opportunity to do something better and more efficiently. I've applied those simple rules to life and my career. Never settle for the status quo. 

As an organization, Reed welcomes and recognises innovation and thought. That said, I've focused on doing the best I possibly can at my day job, while carving out some time to identify opportunity.
I've always been transparent, open and not afraid to ask for advice and/or guidance in pursuing opportunity.

That said, you can't wait for something to drop on your lap. You need to chase your dream, sell your vision and surround yourself with good people who also want to grow and support."

Larry Settembrini -  Director, ReedPOP Activate

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Career Progression

With more than 50 events across the Americas, we have Sales talent working many different roles. The progression shown here provides a linear overview yet our employees are encouraged to explore cross functional career moves to gain new skills, expand their knowledge and their contacts. 

Sales Academy:
Build your foundation as you learn successful sales strategies and techniques while developing key selling skills

Sales/Account Executive:
Whether prospecting for new business or working to retain and grow existing accounts, your strategic selling skills will be key in this role

Sales Manager/ Director:
In this leadership role, you’ll develop and lead your sales team, strategize to ensure targets are met and work with the event team to identify new opportunities.

Working in Sales

Reed Exhibitions is a sales driven organization with an inspiring and supportive culture.  At Reed, our Sales talent can expand their sales and marketing capabilities while also growing their personal brand and reputation through their customers, industry contacts and Reed’s global network.

At Reed, collaboration is key! You will work with a broad range of teams, locally and globally, from Operations to Marketing to Registration to Data & Analytics, each of whom excel in their specialty and help spread best practices across events.  You really get to see our events evolve from start to finish.

No two days are the same in a Sales role here.  You could be making calls, visiting customers, prospecting at competitive events, attending internal team building exercise or on the show floor helping to execute a flawless event. The list goes on and on. 

Selling for an event is not your typical Sales role either.  Here you have the opportunity to help small and mid-sized companies get their start and grow their business as well as helping larger companies continue to expand their business. It’s very inspiring to know you're the first step in the chain of moving a product from inception to production and into the hands of consumers. When you see a product on your local shopping shelves after seeing it launched at a show, you know you're a part of something bigger. 

The opportunities here are endless for those who work hard.

Barbara Murray - Sales Executive, JCK

"The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my exhibitor have a wonderful show- growing their business, making new contacts and getting a return on their investment."

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