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Experience a range of industries and different cultures while gaining great exposure to clients in our Sales division.

We work in some of the most interesting places across the world, not only in all of the established markets, but in developing markets too. Our team see themselves as relationship brokers, by putting buyers with sellers through what we do. We look for individuals who can fit into our data-driven environment, while possessing the strong people skills needed to connect with our customers.


Specialise in an industry

Directly focus on a specific industry and immerse yourself in that industry, the key players and the associations.

You'll gain a really great foundation for working in sales for an event organiser in that specialist industry. Whatever your passion may be, you can fulfil this within our Domestic team.

International Sales

If you enjoy selling across a portfolio of international events, then our International Sales team may be for you.

You'll work with clients looking to export products and services to international territories, so will really help your local business community to grow and develop into global markets.

Sales Leadership

We’re always looking for talented Sales Leaders to join us across our business.

You can hear from some of the Sales Leaders who've been empowered to help others become more successful within their sales roles further down this page.

Start a career in sales

Join us at our Sales Academy and receive specialist training around project related sales campaigns, our sales process and how to implement this on the job.

There’s no limits – whether you've had some experience in sales or are considering a complete career change, our programme allows you to learn everything from the ground up and will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed.

We also offer a Sales Cadets programme for those looking to gain valuable sales experience before starting a career. As part of this, you'll understand successful strategies and techniques while developing key skills.

Read stories from our Sales team

Sales Blank

Beth's Story

"RX is a global organisation offering many different opportunities."

I joined Reed as a Marketing Manager and now work as a Portfolio Sales Director in our International Sales Group. 

My advice is to stay curious, meet as many people in different divisions, competencies, countries and roles as you can, as that's how you'll build a strong reputation and open doors for your career progression.

Secondly, have a strong team around you. The team here in Norwalk and our team around the world have helped me achieve goals that I could not achieve on my own.

Lastly - put in the work. You get what you give, so if you give a lot, you'll get a lot.

Daniel's Story

"I enjoy the consistently changing, fast paced and fun environment."

I joined the Reed Exhibitions UK Sales Academy straight after University. I knew almost nothing about sales, and even less about exhibitions, but the Sales Academy gave me a three month masterclass in both of these. 

I was then invited to join the export sales division of Reed – the International Sales Group. No other role could have given me such an insight into export or how exhibitions can work across different platforms in different countries. I was able to experience exhibitions and how Reed operates and delivers consistently across the world, taking me from Paris to Bangkok.

Reed Exhibitions has given me a global insight into the world of exhibitions and trade shows, essentially taking me from a trainee to a sales professional within the space of two years. Few other opportunities would have allowed me to develop so successfully over such a short period of time. 

Career Progression in Sales

We assess, educate and train you throughout your journey with us at Reed Exhibitions. Our internal Learning and Development team are decidated to finding out your needs and understanding your key areas for development. We work with you on those areas by providing training and also educate our managers to be great coaches.

On-going dialogue: We talk about where our people are and where they want to be

Education: We mentor our managers to be the best coaches they can be

Training: We look at the needs of our local Sales teams to help you grow

Working in Sales

Our values are centred around collaboration and sharing knowledge with pride. These values tie in to our sales environment, in which we encourage a passion for winning, not just as a business but also for our clients. We do this through taking the time to deeply understand their needs to ensure they are not just provided with a stand space, but also a chance to promote their products and services before, after and during their event with us.

As we're a face-to-face industry, big shaking hands, smiling faces and eye contact are in our DNA. If you're comfortable in this space, there's every chance that you're the kind of person we want to join us. We're looking for go-getting individuals who are able to fit into this data-driven environment, who not only have a great ability over the phone but in person too.

We'll reward you with on-going training and development, as well as allowing you to gain a first-hand insight into world markets and industries. This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn about not just the event industry, but the way in which a global business works, how industries work, and how associations play a role.

Adam, Global Head of Sales Talent

"The most rewarding part of sales is the opportunity to really expand your horizons in terms of what you know about the world markets and industries."

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