Being the political, scientific, historical, architectural and business centre of Russia, Moscow is all about the 24-hour buzz and vibrancy. From the stunning large-scale canvases of Old Masters, Red Square, the Kremlin, the nine domes of St. Basil's Cathedral and other symbols of Russia’s great historical past, to its industrial districts and modern skyscrapers, Moscow displays the contrasts and diversity of modern Russia.

Moscow’s heart beats together with business. Many local offices of some of the world’s leading companies are located here, and often represent not only Russia, but the entire CIS region and Eastern Europe.

Transportation is an integral part of Moscow’s community, with the public using all modes available to them – air, water and land. Moscow’s aviation hub is the third busiest in Europe due to the traffic always coming through its international airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Zhukovsky. The South and North river terminals serve regular shipping routes and cruises along the Moskva and Oka rivers. Located close to the city centre, nine rail terminals handle trains from various parts of Europe and Asia, whilst Moscow’s metro system is considered a piece of art in itself, featuring exquisite architecture, marble surfaces, mosaics and ornate chandeliers. The Moscow Metro contains twelve lines, mostly underground with a total of 196 stations! Moscow’s unique city transport network is united by the Troika payment system for the comfort of locals and guests of the city.

Did you know that Moscow is the second most populous megalopolis in Europe? Where the ancient and the modern exist side by side in this city of 13 million. Whilst the infrastructure may be steeped in history, Moscovites are very technologically advanced – some might even say obsessed with their smartphones, technology and apps. Which means they can benefit from multiple food delivery options to easily ordering taxis, private cleaning, clinic enrolments and even government services – every type of service has its own app here.

Moscow is the city where Russia appears traditional and innovative, ancient and modern, natural and technological.

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We are proud of each other's contribution to our events' success. We think out of the box and excel in teamwork. We are dynamic, client-oriented, creative professionals who always try to achieve more.

We are ready to take reasonable risks, learn from our mistakes and grow with the company. We appreciate every idea contributed and enjoy working on our projects together. Our teams are unique but every team member is dedicated to delighting our clients through effective cooperation. 


With its unique innovative approach, Reed Exhibitions Russia’s energetic team creates perfect opportunities for businesses - supporting markets with relevant data and creating multicultural business communities.

Our shows are developing, even during complicated economic times – that’s why our innovations become the new gold standards for the Russian exhibition market.

We believe it is the individual personalities in our office, our experienced background in many areas, our willingness to try and our drive to succeed that are the main reasons for Reed Exhibitions Russia’s great results.

Life in Russia

Reed Exhibitions Russia's office is located in Delta Plaza business centre where effectiveness, comfort and an impressive presence harmoniously converge.

The hi-end architecture seamlessly fits in to the extravagant and self-styled rhythm of the Taganka neighbourhood.

Only 150 metres from one of the dynamic transport arteries - the Moscow Garden Ring - it’s rich and developed intra-building infrastructure provides impressive business and recreational facilities. ArtPlay and Vinzavod famous for their modern arts are just a few steps away.

Russia in Numbers

event participants

42% of our team have previous experience in exhibitions and events organising

Our internal promotions are 50% of all hires

98% of Reed Exhibitions Russia's employees have at least a Bachelor’s Degree

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