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Our Finance division deals with all reporting and analysis and play a vital role in our business.

They put together the Group forecasts, annual budgets, strategic plan and financials based on the business unit submissions to us. As part of this team, you'll highlight areas of sensitivity before sending the final numbers on to our parent company RELX.


Reporting & Analysis

This team is made up of Regional Controllers and The Director of Reporting and Analysis, who is the one that ultimately puts everything together.

Each Regional Controller is responsible for looking after a region, which means you'll co-ordinate with contacts around the world to ensure you have the correct numbers before sending these on to the Director.

New Business Development

These costs include our Group CEO and CFO, HR and CIT people.

You'll help to manage this within our New Business Development team.

Risk Management

The focus of this team is IT and security information, disaster recovery and business continuity.

You'll ensure that everyone is working to the correct compliance and in line with key legislations.

Corporate Costs

We have business units all over the world which make up the Reed Exhibition companies.

You'll help to look after these costs, as well as those within our Head Office, which includes Group and Finance. 

Career Progression in Finance

It's important that we keep challenging ourselves and pushing each other forward, which is why we meet up throughout the year to share tips and find out how other divisions work. Having open and transparent conversations allows us to see what all of our people have in common and so enables us to find a better way of utilising this. It also provides the opportunity to move between roles and branch out further afield should you wish.

Finance Leadership Programme: In the UK, we meet with 5 of the big Finance leaders to share frustrations, ideas and knowledge

Training: We offer formal training through RELX at least once a year where you're kept informed about industry updates

Flexibility: There's opportunities to travel to incredible locations in the world, as well as to explore roles within other divisions

Working in Finance

No two days are the same in Finance. You'll be wearing many different hats as you'll be involved in a number of areas, from looking to acquire new companies, to forecasting and strategic planning so we know where the business needs to be going in three years' time. If new projects come in, these typically come to the Finance team first, which means there's always something new and exciting to work on.

We look for people who are timely, accurate, problem-solving, and can work well within a team. For many of our people in the Finance department, we talk to individuals where English isn't their first language and so communication is a key skill. There's also great collaboration between teams, such as Reporting & Analysis and Controllers, who work together on the same types of projects.

Rosanna, Regional Controller

"There’s so much variety, which is why we never seem to get bored. I think that's the reason why people stay so long."

Who does what in Finance



Reporting & Analysis


Risk & Compliance


We crunched the numbers to show what our Finance department works on.

Whether you're involved in the budgeting, or producing significant documents, we'll give you the guidance you need to succeed within one of our teams.

You might not know

The average length of service across all of our roles is 10 years.

We have business units all over the globe, including the US, Brazil, France, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

Some of our Controllers have been in the business for over 20 years!


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