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Diversity and Inclusion

How are we ensuring equal opportunities for all our people?

We know that amazing things happen when you bring people together. Whether on the show floor or among our people, making an impact for Reed Exhibitions means breaking down barriers, creating new conversations and challenging the status quo. 

We don’t just welcome diversity and inclusion, we push for it. That’s because we recognise that as well as creating safe and supportive environments for our people, we benefit from the remarkable creativity and rapid business growth that diverse experiences provide. This is why we embrace and encourage every single one of our Reed Exhibition colleagues. When we embrace our uniqueness and find ways to work together, we all win.

We are taking action on equality by cultivating diverse talent pools and seeking diversity in the recruitment process when it comes to:

  • Internal Recruitment among our teams
  • External Recruitment such as for temporary workers at shows
  • Succession planning for key senior roles
  • Identifying talent for opportunities among the wider RELX family

We find ways to enable a flexible and inclusive culture that allows everyone to live and work with respect among our employees, exhibitors, attendees, partners, vendors and wider communities. These include Employee Resource Groups such as LGBTQ Pride or the African Ancestry Network, our Supplier Diversity programme, Mental Health First-Aid and Unconscious Bias training.

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Did you know...

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Reed Exhibitions is championing Race equality and in 2020 launched a global Race Committee appointing Ron Walden as an Executive Sponsor for Race to ensure racial rights and equality throughout the company.
The Race Committee’s role will be to hold Reed Exhibitions accountable and responsible for all our race and ethnic minority initiatives moving forward and to bridge the investment and commitments we will make back to the communities in which we live and operate.

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We champion individual event initiatives such as awards and grants to directly nurture diverse talent in their industries.   For example, MIPCOM’s Change For Good programme explores the impact and influence the worldwide television industry can have across a wide range of global issues, from promoting diversity and inclusion, to minimising environmental impact and fostering responsible business practices.

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We encourage our colleagues to create Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in their offices. Currently there are 70 of these throughout Reed Exhibitions and RELX, forming groups such as the African Ancestry Network and LGBTQ+Pride.

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We produce innovative and diverse new events such as Proud Experiences to bring together the LGBTQA+ travel sector.

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We remain committed to promoting and enabling equal opportunity, regardless of gender, at every level in our organisation. Did you know? To enable parity across all levels, we have undertaken several initiatives which include:

  • A newly created I&D Policy which embeds inclusion in our culture
  • As a part of RELX, we are once again listed in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 2020
  • Actively engaged with the RELX Women In Technology mentoring programme

“Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with our Black and ethnic minority employees, customers, and partners, and we are committed to helping build a company and a world where everyone can live equitably, with dignity and free from fear.” 

Hugh Jones, CEO of Reed Exhibitions

For Reed Exhibitions, 2020 is an important year for us as an organisation.

Reaching a level of complete equality requires a deep, cultural change. We have taken action to create visible leadership at the highest level by appointing the company’s first Executive Sponsor for Race. Together with the newly appointed Race Committee, this higher level of focus and accountability looks to ensure racial equality at every level of the company for our people and external partnerships through the following:

Leadership: Commitment and Accountability

Our Race Committee will play an important role when it comes to identifying issues to executive leadership and holding the business accountable for change. This includes evaluating the current progress of Black and ethnic minority employee representation across all areas and levels and creating concrete recommendations to address shortcomings.

People: Developing Our Talent

We’re looking to ensure that Black and ethnic minority talent is fully supported to grow and develop at Reed Exhibitions through formal programmes like mentoring schemes and dedicated learning and development courses.

Community: Investing in Where We Live and Where We Host Our Events

We’ll be looking at how we can promote racial equality within the communities surrounding our events. The Race Committee will oversee how $1 million over the next 5 years is donated in support of Black and ethnic minority educational development opportunities, professional grants and charitable community causes.

Business: Growth and Industry Best Practices

We’ll look at how we can develop and model best practices that could influence the wider industries we touch. This includes:

  • ‘Start Up’ Zones for all our shows to provide a platform for Black and ethnic minority entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Promote the employment of diverse people in our temporary resource hiring during our events
  • Share our commitment to diversity with our closest operational partners to ensure parity in how our spend is distributed
  • Collaborate with industry organisations to be outspoken in sharing best practices for inclusivity and the business benefits

Reed Exhibitions and RELX


Reed Exhibitions is part of RELX, and together, we’re passionate about making a positive impact on society. We enact this both in the work we do – increasing access to information, advancing science and health, supporting law and fostering communities – and our commitment to workplaces that are inclusive, fair, respectful and with equal opportunities.

Both across RELX and at Reed Exhibitions, we’re continually strive to provide equal opportunities for people regardless of gender, gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

At Reed Exhibitions, we work with RELX on the following initiatives:

  • Create a workforce that’s 50% female and 50% male. Currently RELX is made up of 42% female and 58% male managers, and 33% female and 67% male senior operational managers
  • Women make up 36% of the members of the RELX Board
  • 80% of managers across RELX have received unconscious bias training
  • Shared community focus on and investment in gender equality in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Promoting Diversity Awareness Month in October
  • Participating in the Employee Resource Group Annual Conference bringing together 100 different area leaders to create a forum to progress areas such as LGBTQ Pride, the African Ancestry Network and Accessibility groups.

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Hear from our People

“I’m fortunate to be part of an organisation with a focus on diversity & inclusion (D&I), having dedicated teams and platforms to collaborate on this important topic to ensure we are aligned with our values. We continue to equip ourselves with knowledge, tools to be at the forefront of inclusive employers globally.  I’m seeing some dedicated and fantastic examples how RELX, RX and our show brands are embracing D&I initiatives. We strengthened our position by appointing our first executive sponsor for race, Ron Walden. A fantastic step in taking our message to the wider global event industry and examples like World Travel Market, MIPTV in conjunction with Women in Travel, the trans-equality championed by LGBTQ and PROUD experiences are brilliant examples how RX is making a difference.” Alan John


“As you would expect from a global organisation like RELX, you are sure to interact with people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. In any given day I may encounter people who are French, German, Austrian, Chinese, Singaporean, American, Brazilian and many more (including Australians like myself). Realising that such a diverse group can have more in common than they do differences is a lot of fun.” Alexandra Smyth


“I am fortunate to work alongside members from many different countries and cultures. I like working in a diverse environment, respecting each other’s personality under one goal, while making our trade shows successful.” Daichi Yajima


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